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Are Your Children’s Teeth Protected?

Dental care is important for everyone - especially for children. Having strong teeth is a crucial part of growing up healthy. Besides practicing good brushing habits at home, a major part of keeping teeth health is getting routine exams and proper care from a dentist.

For The Best Protection, Start Early

To make sure your children have healthy teeth, it is important that they see a dentist early in their life. Most experts recommend that children start seeing a dentist six months after their teeth first appear. And your child should see a dentist every six months after that first visit.

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Taking your child to the dentist early and often is the best way to find and correct problems in your child’s teeth. Some common problems are:

  • Tooth decay
  • Misalignment of teeth
  • Gum diseases (including gingivitis and periodontitis)

A dentist can diagnose and help reverse these problems before they become lifelong issues.

But all these trips to the dentist can add up to some serious bills. Many health insurance plans only provide limited dental coverage, or no dental coverage at all. This makes it hard for families to balance dental bills with other expenses.

Low-Cost Plans Make Dental Care Affordable

Fortunately, there's an easy way to pay for dental care. Many low-cost discount dental plans are available to provide coverage for you and your family.

With plans starting at less than eighty dollars a year, dental coverage can be very affordable. These plans provide a range of coverage, from routine check-ups to crowns. It’s important to know that if your child has a dental problem, you’ll have a way to pay for it.

How Do Dental Plans Work?

Dental plans work by giving you discounts on your dental bills. You pay a small yearly fee to join the coverage plan. The plan provides you with a list of dentists to choose from. When you visit your dentist, you just show your membership card to take advantage of the savings your plan offers.

Dental plans are not the same as insurance. Unlike insurance, dental plans:

  • Are widely available to families
  • Have no deductible
  • Require no pre-qualifying dental exam
  • Have no waiting periods
  • Have no spending maximums

If you’re already insured through your employer, a discount dental plan can fill the gaps in your dental insurance coverage. And if you’ve had trouble finding dental coverage, a dental plan will save you money and let you get the care you and your children need.

It's not hard to understand the importance of professional dental care for your child. The problem is finding a way to pay for it. Getting extra coverage through a discount dental plan has helped many people find a solution.

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