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Humana dates back to 1961 in Louisville, Kentucky, when David Jones and Wendell Cherry started a nursing home company. A short time later they invested in hospitals and established themselves as a leading healthcare organization. In 1984, Humana began providing health insurance.

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With almost 9 million members nationwide, Humana is now one of the top insurance carriers in the country. And it has one of the biggest healthcare network networks as well — over 400,000 doctors, hospitals, pharmacies, and specialists.

Controlling Healthcare Costs

Humana is dedicated to controlling healthcare costs with affordable plans and smart consumer decisions. They help their members make better healthcare decisions — so they stay healthier and save money.

And their plans can be tailored for the needs of businesses. They offer dental benefits, disability coverage, and life insurance. Humana also offers Medicare products for seniors and individual health plans through their HumanaOne program.

Humana offers insurance plans in these states across the U.S.:

Getting The Right Coverage

Humana is just one of the many health insurance companies. And one company may offer you a better option than another. That's why you should compare plans to find the right coverage for your individual needs.

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Humana Inc.
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Louisville, KY 40202

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