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Insurance From CIGNA

CIGNA has been part of the American insurance landscape for over two hundred years.

The roots of CIGNA go back to the Insurance Company of North America, who wrote their first policy in 1792. Over the next 200 hundred years, INA would write thousands of insurance policies, and become a leader in providing health insurance. In 1982, INA merged with Connecticut General Corporation and became CIGNA.

Health Coverage From CIGNA

CIGNA offers a broad selection of health plans, including HMO, POS, and PPO plans. In addition to drawing on CIGNA’s network of health professionals, members of CIGNA health plans enjoy discounts of up to 60% on health and wellness programs — including physical fitness, dental care, and alternative medicine. And CIGNA members automatically enjoy emergency care coverage while traveling outside the United States.

CIGNA also offers disability coverage, to protect your income if an injury prevents you from working.

CIGNA offers health insurance coverage in every state:

Life Insurance From CIGNA

Because it’s so important to protect your loved ones, CIGNA also offers life insurance for groups. CIGNA life insurance is available in term life and universal life plans.

If you’re a business owner or a human resources professional looking to find life coverage for your workplace, CIGNA can provide you with affordable protection.

Want to find out how a CIGNA plan can fit into your life? Use our free online quote form to get matched with local insurance agents. You’ll get free quotes on plans from CIGNA and other leading health insurance carriers.

Contact CIGNA at:

Two Liberty Place
1601 Chestnut Street
Philadelphia, PA. 19192

Telephone:     215-761-2244

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