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What Do Insurance Agents Do… And Who Pays Them?

For most people, an agent is the first point of contact with an insurance company. But these days, you can go straight to a company website and apply right online. So is it still a good idea to work with an agent? Absolutely.

The internet has changed plenty about the way people shop for insurance. But working with an agent is still the best way to choose the right plan. Agents help people just like you find the best policy to protect their health, their family, and their property.



Why You Should Work With An Agent

Agents can provide a number of services. Many of them sell several different kinds of insurance. So they can help you save by “bundling” your auto insurance policy with your homeowners coverage, for example. And some agents provide other financial services — so they can help you plan for retirement, or budget for your children’s education.

Most importantly, agents can offer you expert guidance through the insurance system. They know better than anyone what plans are available, and which of those plans will be a good fit for you. They can help you through the application process, to make sure that everything is filled out correctly so you qualify for the best possible rates.

And many insurance agents have professional relationships with insurance underwriters — the people who approve applications and set rates. That means that if there’s any question, they can quietly shop around for you, to make sure you qualify for a plan before you apply.

What Does It Cost To Work With An Insurance Agent?

The best part of working with an agent is the cost — it’s free.

Agents get paid by the carriers they represent, not by you. So you can turn to them for advice, without getting billed by the hour. It isn’t often that you can get free expert advice on something as complicated as buying insurance. So working with an agent isn’t just a good idea — it makes good financial sense, too.

Where do you find agents? Turn to the internet. You can use our free quote service to get matched with qualified agents in your area. They’ll answer your questions, find you the right plan, and make you an offer that you can afford.

To get matched with local agents, all you have to do is fill out a short, simple form. Request your free quotes, and you’ll be on your way to getting expert advice about your insurance options.

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