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Insurance In Wisconsin

Need insurance? You have no shortage of options in Wisconsin.

Many of the country's largest insurance companies sell policies in Wisconsin, including Assurant, GEICO, and MetLife.

But don’t forget about the smaller guys, too. Sometimes a small regional insurance company can give you local service and meet your unique coverage needs.

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The number of companies to choose from can be overwhelming. So it only makes sense to work with an agent. You can use the form below to get connected with insurance agents — at no cost to you. Just tell us what you need and how to reach you, and we’ll match you with agents for fast, free insurance quotes.

Wisconsin Health Insurance

Think finding a health insurance plan is hard? Think again.

In Wisconsin, there are over 20 health insurance companies doing business. And when you take advantage of our free quote service, you’ll be matched with agents — each one ready to help you make sense of all the health plans available.

Some of the leading health insurance companies in Wisconsin include:

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Wisconsin Auto Insurance

Wisconsin state law only requires you to have uninsured motorist coverage. But state law also puts anyone at fault in an accident on the hook for financial damages. So even though the state won’t tell you to buy collision or liability insurance, it’s still a smart idea.

The good news is that there’s a lot of competition for your auto insurance dollar. And wherever there’s competition, you’ll find low prices. Smart shoppers compare their auto insurance options every year, to make sure they’re getting the lowest rates.

Some of the companies offering auto insurance in Wisconsin include:

To find out how much you can save on your auto insurance, get matched with agents now.

Wisconsin Homeowners Insurance

You worked hard to own your home. So it only makes sense to keep it protected with homeowners insurance.

Do you have enough homeowners coverage? Are you getting the best deal on your policy? It pays to talk it over with professional agents.

When you use our free quote service, you’ll be matched with agents. They’ll help you make sure you’re home has all the coverage it needs. And they’ll get you that coverage at a competitive price.

Some of the leading homeowners insurance companies in Wisconsin are:

To start comparing your home insurance options, fill out this easy online form.

Wisconsin Life Insurance

A life insurance policy might be the single most important investment you ever make. For a few dollars a month, you can be certain that the people you love will always be able to have the kind of life you want them to enjoy.

Buying life insurance can be complicated. So it’s smart to talk over your options with qualified life insurance professionals. And when you use our free quote service, you’ll be matched with agents ready to help. They’ll explain your options, and point you in the right direction. And when your needs change — when you have a new addition to your family, for example — your agent will be there to help make sure your family’s future stays secure. 

Leading life insurance companies selling policies in Wisconsin include:

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