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Insurance In New Jersey

Shopping for insurance is easier than ever. When you use the Internet to connect with agents, it's easy to compare rates on health, life, homeowners, and auto insurance plans. With so many plans available, it pays to shop around before you buy coverage.

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New Jersey Health Insurance

In many states, having poor health can prevent you from getting health insurance. Not in New Jersey. Residents of New Jersey are protected under a “Guaranteed Issue” law — meaning that everyone who applies for health insurance has to be accepted.

But there's a downside: because the health insurance companies have to accept everyone, the cost of individual health insurance can be very expensive.

That doesn't mean you can't find affordable health coverage. It just means you have to look a little harder.

The companies offering health insurance coverage in New Jersey include:

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New Jersey Auto Insurance

You can't drive in New Jersey without paying for insurance coverage. State law requires you to have liability coverage for bodily injury and property damage, in case you’re responsible for an accident. You’re also required to have personal injury protection in case you get hurt, along with uninsured motorist coverage.

All that coverage can add up. But there are still ways to save. One of the best is to shop around and compare plans and prices from several agents.

You can find auto insurance in New Jersey from these companies:

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New Jersey Homeowners Insurance

It takes hard work and a lot of saving to own a home. So letting it go unprotected doesn't make sense. Having enough homeowners insurance is one of the smartest investments you can make. A homeowners policy gives you protection and peace of mind. You'll know that no matter what the world throws at you, you'll be able to pick up the pieces and get back on your feet.

Companies providing homeowners insurance in New Jersey include:

To start comparing your homeowners options, use our free quote service. Answer a few simple questions online, and you'll be contacted by live agents ready to help you find the right plan. Our fast and easy service will connect you with insurance quotes — free.

New Jersey Life Insurance

Life insurance isn't about putting a price tag on your life. It's about demonstrating your commitment to your family's future. It's about making sure that no matter what happens, the people you love will always be able to have the kind of life that you work hard to provide for them.

And life insurance can be cheaper than you expect. By comparing plans from multiple agents, you can make sure that your family is protected for the future — without breaking your budget for the here and now.

To start comparing your life insurance options, use our free quote service. Answer a few simple questions on our short online form, and we'll connect you with life insurance agents.

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