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How Our Free Quote Service Works

The world wide web has changed how people shop and learn. Finding insurance is no exception. There is so much information right at your fingers, and it’s never been easier to get affordable coverage.

If you’re looking for health, life, auto, or homeowners insurance, use our free quote service to compare your options and find the right policy.



How does our quote process work?
We work with insurance agents from all over the United States. The agents in our network are professionals — and they're always ready to take on new clients. They’re prepared to answer your questions and make you a serious offer.

When you fill out our online quote form, our computer system matches you instantly with agents licensed in your area. Your information is forwarded to these agents, and they'll contact you with an offer. The agents in our network typically contact you by phone, but they may also use email. It can sometimes only take a few minutes for you to receive your free quotes, but it can take as long as 48 hours. The amount of time it takes to receive your quotes will depend on when you make your request.  

When you share your information with us, we store it in our secure database. We only share your information with a limited number of professionals. And we will never ask you for any confidential information, including your Social Security Number. To learn more about how we collect information, please read our privacy policy.

Remember, when you get free quotes you have no obligation to buy anything. We provide this service so you can compare offers, make an informed and educated decision, and save money.

Does InsureLane sell insurance?
We do not sell insurance. We are a referral service — we connect people who need insurance with the agents who sell it.

Does InsureLane endorse any particular plan or provider?
As a matter of policy, InsureLane does not recommend any insurance plan or insurance provider. There is no substitute for working with a professional agent to make the decision about your options. To help you in your search, we do provide information about several leading insurance carriers.

I filled out the form. Why didn't I receive any quotes?
We are sometimes unable to match you with qualified agents in your area. If this happens, you will not receive any quotes.

Does InsureLane’s service cost anything?
Our service is free. There are no fees, costs, or hidden charges. And you have absolutely no obligation to buy an insurance policy — or anything else.

If you have more questions about our service, please contact our Customer Service team.

To start working with agents, fill out our short form now for free quotes.

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