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Having A Healthy Workforce

When your employees take sick time, your daily operations suffer. and so does your budget. A healthy workforce keeps your business and your profits running smoothly.

Here are a couple ways to help your workers to stay healthy and productive.

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Encourage Healthy Habits

Set the right example at the office. By creating an atmosphere where healthy choices are applauded — and even rewarded — you give employees the incentive and support they need to take an active interest in their health.

  • Offer discounts at your local gym or YMCA
  • Provide incentives for employees who walk, run or bike to work
  • Encourage stretching or yoga exercises before employees start their shift
  • Bring in guest speakers to educate employees on topics such as healthy diets, relaxation techniques or proper chiropractic care

Some group health plans offer discounts for health club memberships and healthy living classes. Keep that in mind when you’re shopping for coverage.

Remember that your employees won’t change their habits overnight. Give it time, and take the lead. Participate in the healthy workplace programs yourself.

Promote Preventive Health Care

Research shows that people with insurance are more likely to take advantage of preventive care. And routine doctor’s visits help employees catch health issues before they become expensive, full-blown problems.

Many employers consider group benefits as an investment in the productivity of their workforce. Buying that health plan now could save you big dollars down the road.

The best way to find a group plan that helps you promote healthy lifestyles is to work with an agent. An agent can help you sort through your options, and select a plan that meets the unique needs of your business. To connect with a local agent in your area who can offer you competitive quotes, use our free matching service.

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