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Group PPO Insurance Plans

Thousands of small business owners have found that managed care lets them offer a solid benefits package and keep costs down at the same time. One of the most popular kinds of managed care health plan is the Preferred Provider Organization, or PPO.

PPO plans generally cost more than other managed care options. But their increased flexibility puts them among the most popular group health insurance options.

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Why Do Businesses Choose PPOs?

Like HMOs, Preferred Provider plans have networks of doctors and hospitals. Because it has such large buying power, the plan is able to negotiate lower prices for healthcare services. That means the plan pays out less money in claims, which translates into lower premiums for plan members.

But PPO plans have more flexibility than HMO plans. In an HMO, you’re only covered when you use a doctor or hospital in the plan’s network. With a PPO plan, you can go outside the network for care and still get coverage. You’ll save more if you stay in the network. But you won’t have to change doctors just because you changed health plans. 

Advantages Of PPO Plans

  • Your employees have limited out-of-pocket costs
  • Your employees have flexibility to get care outside the plan’s network
  • Low copays when your employees get care within the plan’s network

And The Disadvantages?

  • Some plans have high deductibles that have to be met before coverage starts
  • Your employees pay more for care you receive outside the network
  • Your employees’ copays won’t be as low as other managed care plans

The good news about having a plan with a high deductible is that it will generally have low premiums. And many PPO plans will “waive the deductible” for preventive care — like routine trips to the doctor, lab tests, and other primary care that keeps you and your staff healthy. And some high deductible plans are compatible with Health Savings Accounts, giving you and employees more options to pay for care.

To find the right group PPO plan for your business, use our free quote service to get matched with insurance agents. You’ll get offers from agents — and there’s no obligation to buy a plan.

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