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Insurance Options from Zurich North America

Zurich Financial Services is a global insurance company operating in more 120 countries. In North America, they are one of the top providers of corporate, small business, and specialty insurance.

Zurich was founded in 1872 as a “reinsurance” company — meaning they were selling insurance to other insurance companies to cover their losses. Within their first few years of operation, Zurich branched out into selling their own insurance policies for accidents. Today the company employs 62,000 people worldwide.

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A lot of Zurich's business is based in writing insurance policies for large commercial projects, such as construction. But they also offer term life insurance and disability coverage for employers of all sizes.

Finding Insurance from Zurich North America

Insurance coverage from Zurich North America is available in all 50 states:

Zurich North America has a long history and strong financial backing. They won't be going anywhere any time soon — an important consideration when you buy insurance.

Before you decide if Zurich is the right company for you, compare all your options. Talk with our network of licensed insurance agents to find out which company offers you the best coverage at the right price. Fill out an easy online form, and you'll be contacted with free insurance quotes.

To learn more about Zurich North America, visit their website:

Zurich in North America

You can contact Zurich North America at:

Customer Inquiry Center
Zurich North America
1400 American Lane
Schaumburg, IL 60196
Telephone: 1-800-382-2150

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