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American International Group

American International Group — better known to most people as AIG — is one the biggest insurance companies in the world. AIG provides insurance in over 130 countries around the globe.

AIG offers a wide variety of financial services. This includes loans, retirement planning, and insurance. And AIG serves all kinds of people and organizations — large corporations, governments and institutions, and individuals like you.



Insurance From AIG

Like many worldwide insurance companies, AIG is offers its products through several different companies and divisions.

AIG American General provides life insurance to a global market. The AIG Domestic Accident and Health Division offers health insurance. AIG Variable Annuity Life Insurance Company offers long term care long-term care insurance. AIG also offers auto insurance.

One of the advantages of buying an insurance policy from AIG is the company's size. Because of the company’s global business base, and its traditionally strong performance in the market, AIG runs little risk of bankruptcy. That means you can buy a policy without worrying that the company will never make good on claims.

Insurance from AIG is available in the following states:

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American International Group

Contact AIG at:

American International Group, Inc.
70 Pine Street
New York, NY 10270

Telephone: 1-877-638-4244

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